Buprenorphine Treatment for Opiate Addiction-2024


Storing Buprenorphine

Long-term and short-term buprenorphine storage considerations


Keep buprenorphine in a cool, dark, dry, place
, preferably in an
airtight container
. Medications
can be affected by light, heat, and humidity
Store pieces of tablets or films in a childproof container
out of reach and out of sight of everyone.
Do not store buprenorphine in the Freezer

Buprenorphine Storage Considerations

Buprenorphine is stable and will not evaporate or significantly degrade over time with proper storage. It is likely to retain potency long after the expiration date. However, medications can be affected by light, heat, and humidity. Keep buprenorphine in a cool, dark, dry, place, preferably in an airtight container.

buprenorphine storage with silica gel
Silica Gel packet absorbs humidity
when storing buprenorphine

Short-term storage is also important particularly while tapering. Cut film or tablets should be stored in a childproof pharmacy tablet bottle. Include a fresh food-safe silica gel packet to absorb any humidity. Even a few hours of exposure to humid air can make film sticky or tablets crumbly. The silica gel pack helps prevent this.(Don't eat it.)

Another tip, especially for those who store buprenorphine in the fridge or freezer (not recommended by the way), is to let the contents reach room temperature before opening. If not, water vapor in the humid air will instantly condense on the cool tablet or film, making it sticky or crumbly. Allowing time to warm up prevents this. It's for this reason we don't recommend freezing your buprenorphine, plus the fact that it is unknown what other effect freezing may have.

Vacuum packing is another alternative for long-term storage of tablets. Although, if tablets have already been exposed to humid air and have become structurally weak, the air pressure exerted on the tablets from outside might crush them. Vacuum packing in a ridged container would prevent that problem.

Secure your buprenorphine

Equally as important as how to store it is where to store it. Buprenorphine should be out of reach of everyone. The medicine cabinet is not the place for buprenorphine. It isn't just children and pets to be concerned with, many people have had workmen, friends or family take medication from the medicine cabinet.1 Would your physician believe you and call in a replacement prescription?

Locking your buprenorphine in a safe or lock-box prevents both accidental and intentional missing buprenorphine. If there is an emergency where you live, authorities might see your buprenorphine in plain view and force you to answer for it. Although you may have a prescription and be in complete compliance with the law, it could still be a hassle and end up in some permanent record.

  1. Anecdotal evidence compiled from several social media sites over a period of several years
  2. National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment- www.NAABT.org


  1. Brand names for buprenorphine/naloxone (bup/nx)

    combination products in the US:
    Suboxone Film
    Bunavail(discontinued in 2020)
    , and generic equivalents of the discontinued Suboxone Sublingual Tablets.
  2. Buprenorphine products in the US WITHOUT the added naloxone

    1. Subutex Tablets
      discontinued in 2009
      ) but the
      generic equivalents remain available
    2. Buprenex®
      is an injectable,
      FDA approved for pain
      NOT addiction -
      illegal to prescribe for opioid addiction
    3. Butrans®
      Patch, also
      FDA approved for pain
      and NOT addiction -
      illegal to prescribe for opioid addiction
    4. Pharmacy-compounded bup or bup/nx
      preparations - NOT FDA approved for addiction -
      illegal to prescribe for opioid addiction
  3. Probuphine®
    is an insertable
    buprenorphine rod
    which goes under the skin and releases bup over the course of 6 months. It
    was FDA approved in May of 2016
    , and is for the treatment of addiction.
  4. Belbuca™
    is a
    buprenorphine film
    which goes on the inside of the cheek. It
    was FDA approved in October of 2015
    , and is for the treatment of pain - NOT FDA approved for addiction -
    illegal to prescribe for opioid addiction
  5. Sublocade™
    , from the makers of Suboxone®, is a once-monthly buprenorphine subcutaneous injection, FDA approved 11/2017 for the treatment of opioid use disorder (opioid addiction).
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